What is Voices.com.au and how can you become involved.


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Voices.com.au- Monetise your Voiceover skills.

At Voices.com.au we team together to provide a place where producers and other users of voice work can find the voice they want for their job. Let’s face it we are not the right voice for every job and it’s better to be part of a group than a lone agent.

First you should register!

To Do List

Set up your Jobs. It's really easy.

We call the services you offer “Jobs” and it’s very easy to set one up. Click on your name when you are logged in and from the pull down click on “New Job”. Use lots of pictures and demos. You can even link to your youtube page. And remember to freshen it up often.

We don't tell you what to do!

It’s your business. Charge what you like. We have found that each request from buyers nis different and if you encourage the buyer to use the “Request Custom Offer” button you can quote on each job individually.

Provide more than just one service.

We get requests for everything from simple answering machine messages to e-learning jobs of thousands of words. There are a lot of strings to a VO professionals bow so put out that shingle with lots of Jobs.

Share it on your social media.

Your profile page at voices can act as your own web page with a complete e-commerce backend. Share it around. Put it on your facebook, instagram and linked in. You can’t sell a secret.

Join us at voices.com.au.

For more info go to our “How to” page in the menu.

Voices.com.au is owned by On Hold Technology.com.au and administered by Ashleigh Mac (admin@voices.com.au). It’s free to register and set up a presence at the site and only when you sell something will a commission be paid to the site. That commission is between 15 and 22.5% with lower commissions being paid by the biggest sellers. We don’t tell you how much to charge or how to run your business. It is against the rules to directly contact any of the clients of voices.com.au by encouraging them o deal outside the site. Phone numbers and email addresses must not be passed through the site. If you are discovered doing so you will be banned.

Voices.com.au transaction flow

Detailed Explanation of  Voices.com.au Transaction Flow (the way payments work)

Once a buyer makes a payment money goes into admin’s financial account (depending on the payment type: PayPal, Stripe, etc.), and the system creates a transaction. Buyer and seller are given access to a private transaction page where they can communicate details of the order.
Once a seller delivers the files, and marks the transaction as “delivered”, buyer is given several days (number of days can be configured in the admin settings) to either accept the delivery, request modification, or even request mutual cancellation of the order (if a buyer fails to respond in a given time period, the system would auto-complete the transaction).
Once a buyer accepts the order (marks it as “accepted”), the transaction goes into clearing period, which by default is 14 days (the number of days can be configured in admin settings and even disabled if value is set to “0”). Clearing period is a security measure to protect admin/owner from chargebacks. As soon as the clearing period is over, the money is deposited into seller’s account in a form of credit balance. Seller is then able to request withdrawal of those funds based on the accepted withdrawal options set by the admin.
Processing PayPal withdrawals is a two-clicks process. Just mark the withdrawals you would like processed, click “process” button, and the system will send PayPal payments to everyone on the selected list. All other withdrawal requests require manual action (i.e. if a seller requests withdrawal via bank wire payment, admin would manually send a bank payment based on the instructions provided by the seller, and then mark that withdrawal requested as processed.