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Female VO for Video Games & Animation ($50/50 words)
I am a native Australian voice actress, who has spent a great deal of the last 7 years using her well-practiced U.S and U.K based accents. I'm the owner of a fully constructed booth and industry...
fixed Rate
50.00 $
976Character Voices 976Character Voices
Female voice that often sounds a lot like Cate Blanchett!
My voice is warm, resonant, authoritative yet friendly - with 12 years experience with national and international clients including Disney, Toyota, Bendigo Bank, Penguin Publishing and the 2012...
15.00 $
1019Character Voices 1019Character Voices
Video game voices
For me, bringing your characters to life via my voice is one of the most thrilling parts of being a voice over. I have a wide range of characters from cute baby dragons to evil old hag witches....
5.00 $
1105Character Voices 1105Character Voices
Early Childhood Voice Over/ Singing
I will provide a musical and child-friendly rendition of your material - up to 90 seconds
60.00 $
1175Character Voices 1175Character Voices
Older Australian male voice
Hello and thank you very much for taking the time to look at this job. The old Australian male sound is some of my favourite work to do when creating a voice-over project. The price quoted here is...
75.00 $
Quality Male V/O and character work
A Premium Voice Talent recording your projects . a smooth, engaging, friendly, conversational, commanding, authoritative, versatile voice perfect for TV, Radio, Cinema, 40 years Experience voicing ...
50.00 $
1718Character Voices 1718Character Voices
Character Voices
Hello! I am a versatile voice talent and have been managing my professional voiceover studio since 2012, producing world-class readings for toys, cartoons and video games. My clients include VTech,...
145.00 $
Game Character Voice
If you have a character that need a voice I am available and happy to give exactly what you need. 
150.00 $
Radio Imaging
Package of 6 sweepers or 2 x 30 second station imaging promo's.
fixed Rate
80.00 $
Aussie "Ocker" VO
This voice style can be broadened or narrowed - depending on how "ocker" you want the character to sound - The 2 examples provided are the same style - i just happen to like them LOL
custom Rate
Character voice
As an actor Katy really loves getting into character. From a mother to a monster - you name it she'll love to do it! 
custom Rate
Female character voice
I’m a highly experienced, authentic Australian female voice over artist. I have worked in the industry for the past 16 years.I have provided character voices for a variety of projects, including...
custom Rate
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