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155British Explainer Voice Over 155British Explainer Voice Over
Male Voiceover
For just $66 I will voice your script up to 60 seconds/150 words. Just add an extra $30 for every 100 words after that. Your audio will sound crystal clear, being recorded in a high-end...
66.00 $
Warm female voice for corporate videos and presentations
Ingak can provide a warm, appealing voice to your next corporate video, explainer or presentation. The cost of corporate videos varies depending on the word length. 30 sec - up to 60 words- $5060...
100.00 $
Voiceover - Long Form
This will buy you 30 seconds of audio for a whiteboard video, corporate video or explainer video. Naturally the longer the project the keener the price. if you have a longer script please upload it...
30.00 $
Naturalistic Female Voice Over
I am able to provide 3 readings of a script 15 secs or less for an internet video. Files are provided as .wav and I can turn the job around quickly. I am easy to work with and take on direction...
50.00 $
926British Explainer Voice Over 926British Explainer Voice Over
Friendly authoritative Australian female voice for health videos
This is the voice of your local GP or friendly health professional who is very approachable. It\'s a caring voice that elicits trust. It\'s the sound of authority without sounding pompous. It\'s...
40.00 $
967British Explainer Voice Over 967British Explainer Voice Over
Knowledgeable female voice for financial sector online videos
This voice knows what she is talking about whilst making the subject matter easy to understand without sounding patronising. It's a very trustworthy voice which is perfect for explaining financial...
40.00 $
Documentary for Education
Documentary VO  - education purposes
200.00 $
Young, Bright Australian Male
Keegs has two years of commercial radio voice over experience and would love to voice any project that comes his way.He has a young, bright voice that is perfectly suited for a standard retail read....
20.00 $
Warm, professional female voice for explainer videos,...
For just $50 I will voice your script up to 60 seconds/150 words. Just add an extra $25 for every 100 words after that.Your audio will sound crystal clear, being recorded in a high-end...
50.00 $
Narration with Credibility.
If your corporate production needs a voiceover that oozes credibility this is the one you want. Priced by the minute. To asertain the length of your script in minutes please divide the number of...
fixed Rate
100.00 $
1622British Explainer Voice Over 1622British Explainer Voice Over
Experienced New Zealand Voice for Animated Explainer Video
Your best choice for professionally-recorded voice overs for your animated explainer video in a native New Zealand accent. The job price is the minimum for a single video for SME businesses....
fixed Rate
350.00 $
1732British Explainer Voice Over 1732British Explainer Voice Over
Internet Voiceover
Hello! I am a versatile Australian voice talent and have been managing my professional voiceover studio since 2012, producing world-class readings for online explainers and advertisements. My...
145.00 $
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