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Male Voice Over
Male VO perfect for Retail and Corporate work.
fixed Rate
155Female Audiobook Voice 155Female Audiobook Voice
Male Voiceover
For just $66 I will voice your script up to 60 seconds/150 words. Just add an extra $30 for every 100 words after that. Your audio will sound crystal clear, being recorded in a high-end...
Corporate Voice Over
To fully and clearly explain your business - what you do and how you do it!!Please contact me for further details as to price as this is dependant on length and word count.
Voiceover - Long Form
This will buy you 30 seconds of audio for a whiteboard video, corporate video or explainer video. Naturally the longer the project the keener the price. if you have a longer script please upload it...
Mindfulness Meditation VO
We all need peace in our lives so please allow me to record a gentle, relaxing, heeling, dealing with grief, prayer etc Meditation Voice Over from $150 for ONE minute (up to 150 words), $250 for TWO...
custom Rate
Conversational, clear and happy Internet
Over 20 years of broadcasting experience in regional and metro stations. Versatile voice, believable delivery. Fast turn around, and I follow direction well. Ability to accommodate all styles...
fixed Rate
Female Audiobook Voice
Are you looking for the perfect voice for your audiobook? Maybe you're looking for an excellent reader who can inhabit a variety of characters, using different voices and accents. Maybe you're...
hourly Rate
Experienced eLearning VO from $0.17/word
I have 18 years professional voiceover experience, and my own high quality studio so I am available to provide quick turn-around anytime.If your script is longer please hit the custom...
General Voice Over (Per Second - Internet)
This is a price for voiceovers for the internet only. (Count the words, divide by 2.33 and that is your number of seconds)If you require a long form or for broadcast voiceover please contact me via...
926Female Audiobook Voice 926Female Audiobook Voice
Friendly authoritative Australian female voice for health videos
This is the voice of your local GP or friendly health professional who is very approachable. It\'s a caring voice that elicits trust. It\'s the sound of authority without sounding pompous. It\'s...
Get a great professional Australian voice over just the way...
I can  voice over your Virtual Tour, E learning, Corporate or Documentary project to your requirements. Simply, easily and quickly.Based on 100 words
fixed Rate
Measured narration with credibility and believability engaging your audience.Toi ascertain the length of your script in minutes divide the number of words by 150. Then dial up the number of minutes...
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