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155Voice over for Commercials Radio, TV and Internet 155Voice over for Commercials Radio, TV and Internet
Male Voiceover
For just $66 I will voice your script up to 60 seconds/150 words. Just add an extra $30 for every 100 words after that. Your audio will sound crystal clear, being recorded in a high-end...
66.00 $
Appealing Female Voice for Commercials
I can voice your next advertisement for your business to help you to attract new customers. Prices start at $50 for a 30 second commercial. 
fixed Rate
50.00 $
228Voice over for Commercials Radio, TV and Internet 228Voice over for Commercials Radio, TV and Internet
Voiceovers for Radio/TV/Cinema/Online etc
I will give you a professional voice over for your Capital City Radio script from $60 per track (min 5 x 30 sec tracks for One State airing for 3 months, plus 10% GST) (PDF copy available on...
custom Rate
Was in Radio for 20 years then Full Time Voice overs for the last 20. Radio and TV, both ads and Promos, even live VOs for the National Radio and TV Shows. Network Radio Promos and of course E...
custom Rate
Pro 30s Commercial Voiceover
I'll voice your 30 second commercial for radio, TV, cinema, online, wherever! From natural, neutral and friendly to hard sell, characters, and all-sorts in-between! All audio will be...
fixed Rate
90.00 $
Male Voice Over - late 20's/early 30's sound
Male VO, good late 20's/early 30's sound with a natural and warm feel. I'm perfect for a light and upbeat TVC read, as well as corporate/training material.
fixed Rate
30.00 $
Pro Radio Imaging Voiceover for your project
I've been around the Media industry for a long time and have many imaging and broadcast campaigns under my belt... let me know what you need and I can create a custom offer if required. I'd be more...
hourly Rate
60.00 $
Voiceover - Short Form
This will buy you a 30 second voiceover (Cold Voice) for use in regional TV or Radio. If your project is different please use the REQUEST CUSTOM ORDER button and upload your script. I will give you...
66.00 $
970Voice over for Commercials Radio, TV and Internet 970Voice over for Commercials Radio, TV and Internet
Sophisticated female voice for TV ads
This voice is perfect for luxury brands and projects needing a touch of sophistication. It's also a great voice for call to action corporate and government type ads. If you need a mum or a granny...
30.00 $
Quality Female Voice - Radio
I want your listeners to stay with your radio ad. Sometimes in a six ad break its hard for your ad to gain attention, however I take care to make sure your message cuts through. I can voice the...
30.00 $
Voice Over - Young Vibrant
My voice. Your Advert. It's like a match made in a studio. I'm a radio announcer of 6 years who has spent almost too much time behind a mic. Send me your script and I'll have a voice over delivered...
40.00 $
Mature Female Commercial Voiceovers
A mature and calm female voice, that gives your product or service the credibility that it deserves.
fixed Rate
30.00 $
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