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Setting to be a voiceover artist?

The voiceover business is not rocket surgery and keeping it simple and low cost can make it a much more enjoyable and a profitable gig. Once upon a time we travelled to expensive studios with expensive gear in places with expensive parking to do our voiceovers. A simple 30 sec TVC took a couple of...
June 13, 2020


THE TRUTH ABOUT THE VOICE OVER BUSINESS. June 16, 2019 A good voice and 5 bucks will get you a cup of coffee. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE VOICE The voice over business seems to be infested with a funny disease. It’s crowded with people paying “consultants and teachers” for training that is missing the point....
June 16, 2019

Caring For Your Instrument 101

by Walter Williams As a Voice Over Talent/Actor your most valuable tool is naturally your voice, but it’s surprising how many people don’t care for this precious instrument. In the past, cigarette smoking was the domain of many, however these people have now become pariahs getting their fix outside of buildings instead of forcing others...
November 21, 2018

Auditions 101 – Walter Williams

Voiceover Auditions 101 Being a pro voice talent means you’ll need to be able to record an audition for clients on demand with quick turnaround…if you’re serious about getting your next job and furthering your career. Here’s some tips on how to get that job…see you at the top. Every Job Posting requires you to...
October 24, 2018

Write this down!

I found this blog post while cruising the web. The writer seems a pretty smart guy with a bit of experience under his belt.   Voice Acting is a business. That’s it. Voice Acting is a business. Say it again…write it down on a piece of paper and hang it in your studio…tell people you’re...
October 12, 2018

Steve Mc Voiceover is now at VOICES!

Steve Mc is now bringing his voiceover talents to Another in our features of the people at Ladies and Gentlemen Voiceover expert Steve Mc Media We think he might have made his last name up. Either that or he belongs to a very obscure Scottish Clan! We asked Steve to tell us his...
October 2, 2018

Voiceover Pricing – How to set the price of my product.

voiceover pricing
The industry is not what it used to be. If one peruses the forums and facebook groups relating to voiceover the one theme that keeps coming up is “How much do I charge for…”. Voiceover pricing.  It seems many in this industry have no idea what to charge and those giving the “answers” seem to...
September 28, 2018

The journey of a female voice over artist

The journey of a female voice over artist Inga is one of the most talented female voice over artists at Her path to the business is a bit different and makes a good story. We got her to put finger to keyboard and open up about her time in the industry and this is...
September 26, 2018

How to set up a Home Recording Studio on a Small Budget

home recording studio
Building a home recording studio doesn’t have to be a HUGE project.  This week we are getting the info from an expert. Walter Williams has traded his Radio Station microphone for a home studio microphone and has really cut himself a big niche in the Australian Voiceover scene. So what does a real working pro...
August 28, 2018

The Message on Hold business can only get bigger.

VIOP will make it grow. In the 30 plus years the message on hold business has been in existence much has changed. Our first systems were cassettes in modified car cassette players. Long tapes with auto reverse did two things. It wore out the tape and it wore out the auto reverse mechanism.  Along came...
August 19, 2018

Voiceovers for a living – Actually Making Money!

voiceovers in the studio
I see a lot of posts about making a living from voiceover work and I’m inclined to think these people have never done it. They paint this rosy picture about the need to have a good voice and making a motza by doing voiceovers for cartoons and the like. Well for the majority it has...
August 16, 2018