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Ladies and Gentlemen Voiceover expert Steve Mc Media

We think he might have made his last name up. Either that or he belongs to a very obscure Scottish Clan! We asked Steve to tell us his story. Here it is.

Think it all started in High School when the earth shook, my voice broke and somebody said “Hey Man” ( It was the late 70’s after all…) “You’ve got a great voice, maybe you should get a job in Radio??”
School days went by, many a ‘home style radio program’ was created with my cousins on the cassette recorder and in the not too distant future a radio career was born…
In 1986 I scored my first night time announcers role in Wangaratta and from there Bendigo, Warragul and Traralgon all with respective promotions as I worked my way to drive time radio and daytime news… and from there, another nine years in Radio in management and broadcast work here in Melbourne.
During the ‘radio years’ I learnt to write copy and also read and write news, but most importantly, how to ‘convey a story’ that engaged and took the listener ‘by the horns’ or heartstrings as it were…  funnily enough, this wasn’t a skill I learned in a radio station by the way, It’s a skill that is the bedrock of actors, not 80’s rock jocks…. 

Tell it – Not sell it.

I can remember a dear friend and mentor from the acting industry that shared the wisdom to “tell it, not sell it” and that acting pearl of wisdom has meant so much to my craft over the years and has stuck with me ever since.
I’ve continued to hone my voiceover skills and have narrated sporting documentaries, government projects and whiteboard explainers, training and educational videos for major nationals and international corporates and even had my fair share of phone on hold and IVR messaging as well. I’ve even been known to ‘return to my roots’ for many a radio imaging campaign as well… 
If you need a seasoned professional to engage your audience and convey your story, I’d be only too happy to discuss your project and sort it for you.
You can contact me today through so we can talk about your project.

About Steve

Steve is a Melbourne-based Voiceover Talent, with over 30 years experience in working in Media and these days runs his own studio, Steve Mc Media… 

He’s a family man complete with loving patient wife and two great kids who are fast approaching adulthood, he cooks mean curry, loves guitar and aussie pub bands and

‘Warm, Genuine and Relatable’ are accurate terms used to explain his engaging style, as Steve specialises in Narration, E-Learning, Whiteboard Explainers, Audiobooks, Telephony and Broadcast media…
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