Write this down!

I found this blog post while cruising the web. The writer seems a pretty smart guy with a bit of experience under his belt.


Voice Acting is a business.

That’s it.

Voice Acting is a business.

Say it again…write it down on a piece of paper and hang it in your studio…tell people you’re a business person…do a business plan…create a Sub-S Corp…register with the state…get an EIN (Employee Identification Number)…engage in professional bookkeeping…set goals…I could go on and on.

There are about a gazillion books and resources on how to run a freelance business.  About a gazillion more websites, blogs, webinars, newsletters, and online forums offering mostly free information about being your own entrepreneur.

Until you grasp this concept, you are (probably) an outstanding voice talent with no clients — or few clients — wondering what’s wrong.

You’ve got the expensive audio chain, you’ve studied with the best VO coaches, bought the whisper-room, attended all the right conferences, joined forums and groups online, and — again — you’re wondering what’s wrong.

Great.  You gotta have that stuff too.  Didn’t they tell you that when you’re a freelance VO, you wear about 12 hats?

OK, it’s more like 15…but the point is none of those hats are more important than the BUSINESS hat.  Be disciplined. I’m amazed at the voice actors with unremarkable (high, thin, raspy) voices, who are KILLING it in this profession because they are business savvy.  The pipes amount to only 10-20% of your success.  The rest is…you guessed it…business.

So get the Focusrite Pre-amp, the TLM103, the expensive acting classes, and the awesome recording studio.


Get down to BUSINESS.

Voice Acting is a business.  Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.


Dave lives in Las Vegas where he was the main news anchorman at
NBC & CBS stations for a total of almost 30 years.
But about 12 years ago, he found voice-acting, and started
CourVO.com, to launch into freelancing.
Now he’s doing it full-time, ALL the time.

In the process, he’s written more than 3000 blog articles on voiceover
and published a book on the subject.

He also founded and is the President of World-Voices Organization,
a non-profit industry trade association for voice-over people
that advocates, promotes, educates, and sets ethical
standards for its global members.

Dave is considered a thought-influencer in the voiceover community
and is known for paying it forward to his colleagues.

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